• We are not just another Lebanese contracting firm.

    We are a reference in the construction field,

    delivering a consistent level of quality in every single project commissioned to us.

    Our meticulous team is the driver of our success, with an unrelenting focus on excellence, responsibility, and growth-oriented opportunities.


    Although CONFIRM in its current name was established in 2008, its history in the construction field dates back to 1975.


    This longstanding history was brought forward by CONFIRM’s founder and present chairman & general manager Labib Akiki, who began his construction career more than 40 years ago with Matta & Associés, executing projects jointly with the firm or under his own name.


    Today, the company consists of more than 50 employees - a mix of young, enthusiastic professionals, and experienced members who have been with Mr. Akiki for more than 20 years.


    An excerpt of our achievements.




    "Deir el Zyara"

    (Renovation works underway)


    Location: Antoura - Kesrouan
    Type: Renovation


    The old stones of this historical monastery

    have hosted generations of Christian nuns from the Order of the Visitation, 

    who lived silently behind its walls since the 17th century.


    Our renovation mission aims at sensitively preserving

    the architectural identity of the convent while reinforcing it for future years

    and allowing it to accommodate new functions.


    Our works include four buildings and a church,

    surrounding a humble courtyard, each dating from a different era.

    Deir el Zyara's worn-out facades, the stone vaults, the wooden roof structures, the interiors ...

    we will make sure they are given a new life while staying honest witnesses of a beautiful past.





    (works underway)


    Location: Daychounieh
    Client: Platinum Holding
    Architect/ Designer: Platinum Design
    Type: Residential


    The project involves the construction of 200 villas on a total area of 70,000 sqm.

    Scope includes the entire infrastructure, Geogrid Walls and finishing works.



    The villas consist of three floors each, benefiting from

    3 common swimming pools, courtyards, green landscaping and a gym.


    (Infrastructure, Concrete & MEP)

    Location: Bikfaya
    Client: NAAS Bikfaya Mineral Water SAL
    Architect/ Designer: Rafik El-Khoury & Partners
    Type: Public Works / Roads


    The contract requires building a

    2-kilometer road network, along with

    the entire infrastructure and finishing works

    (water, sewage, electricity, paving, etc).


    The total area of the region is around 65,000 sqm

    to be divided into 36 plots ranging between 1,800 and 3,000 sqm.

    Beirut Business Center

    Location: Bourj Hammoud

    Client: Real Estate Developers

    Architect/Designer: ICON

    Consultant: DEP

    Type: Commercial


    The project requires executing all the concrete and structural works,

    in addition to waterproofing and finishing works.


    The total project consists of 4 blocks.

    Phase I built-up area is close to 20,000 sqm with 2 blocks:

    a 5-story parking and a 12-story office center.

    Although works started in winter – which is an adverse season for laying foundations –

    CONFIRM managed to stay on track with the project timeline.

    Restos Saint Nicolas

    Location: Rmeil

    Client: Sabbagha Development

    Architect/Designer: Dagher Hanna and Partners

    Type: Commercial


    Restos Saint Nicolas is a hospitality project

    located on plot 115 in Rmeil, Beirut.


    The building consists of five underground parking levels for

    124 cars, one ground floor, and three upper floors on a total built-up area of 8,380 sqm.


    The challenge of this project, which will mostly be occupied by restaurants,

    is to coordinate between resources and stakeholders in a constricted,

    over populated area in Achrafieh, and to keep the project running

    on a predetermined tight schedule.


    Bank Audi

    Disaster Recovery Building

    Location: Kfour
    Client: Bank Audi
    Architect/ Designer: Naji Eid
    Type: Commercial


    This project covered the concrete, masonry and plaster works for the building,

    which consists of 3 floors and

    3 basements on a total built-up area of 6,500 sqm.

    The ground floor is a 60-cm thick solid slab that ensures

    a safe shelter for the bank’s data and documents

    in case of any disaster.

    Notre Dame University


    Location: Louaize
    Client: Mariamite Maronite Order
    Architect/ Designer: Habib Salame
    Type: Institutional

    The Bechara El-Rahi Auditorium project involved incorporating a new level of technology

    and executing high-end electrical, mechanical, audiovisual and finishing works.


    The theater comprises 658 seats, a Theater Hall, control room,

    dressing rooms, orchestra pit, screen projectors and translation rooms.

    Above the scene, a tension grid provides a flexible and safe working space for technicians.

    The acoustics of the auditorium are variable in order to

    provide an optimal condition to all the performing arts

    (theater, opera, classical music and symphonic music).


    * This project was jointly executed with Matta & Associés

    Achrafieh 550

    Location: Achrafieh
    Client: Tajer - Aoun
    Architect/ Designer: Imad Aoun
    Type: Residential


    This venture consisted of executing the concrete

    and high-end finishing works on a total built-up area

    of 5,000 sqm. The building comprises 2 basements,

    a ground floor and 13 upper floors.


    The project has required a high level of coordination

    with several interior designers hired separately

    by each client, on a challenging site that gave

    difficult access to the building.


    Villa Ain al Abou

    Location: Ain al Abou
    Client: Cheikh Magid Ben Hamad Al Kassimi
    Architect/ Designer: Designed by Confirm sal
    Type: Residential


    Our mission was to renovate a one-hundred-year old house

    with deserted annexes, on a total built-up area of 1,500 sqm.


    The challenge was to transform this old house

    into a modern living space while preserving its old, charming aspect. A contrast was created between the traditional Lebanese architecture of the house and the modern design of its annexes.

    FOLDA New Factory

    Location: Zouk Mosbeh

    Client: Société Industrielle FOLDA sal

    Architect/Designer: Architectes Anonymes

    Type: Industrial


    The challenge was to construct a new building on a fast track basis following the collapse of the old one. The total area is approximately 9,500 sqm with around 10,000m3 of concrete.


    The new Folda factory was marked by its difficult architectural details which required quality finishing in addition to high reinforcement steel and concrete ratios.


    Hazmieh Mid-Point Center

    Location: Hazmieh
    Client: Sté Georges Matta
    Architect/ Designer: Abdo Ferjallah
    Type: Commercial


    Our mission consisted of executing the concrete part

    (post tensioned slabs and 9cm cantilever), masonry, flooring, plaster and waterproofing.


    The project comprises 3 blocks, 2 basements and 4 upper floors with a total built-up area of 18,000 sqm.


    Three Fields. One Promise.

    Our services cover all civil, electrical and mechanical works, as well as the finishing and maintenance phases, with a rock-solid commitment to quality.


    In the Construction field, CONFIRM undertakes residential & industrial buildings, offices, shopping centers, educational institutions, cultural and leisure facilities, as well as hospitals and healthcare facilities.


    Public works include roads, excavations, infrastructure, electrical and mechanical works.


    In the Renovation field, CONFIRM has excelled all the same, with remarkable restorations of old houses and buildings.


    CONFIRM’s ability to bid on quality, springs from our adherence to 4 main values,

    the very cornerstones of our establishment.


    • We undertake high quality projects that are cost-effective and delivered on time.

    • We continuously improve our construction practices and seek innovative solutions that contribute to our commitment to excellence.


    • We work with our community in support of societal causes.

    • We care and work for the environment in sight.


    • We maintain a consistent level of professionalism and integrity with our suppliers, subcontractors, associates and customers.

    • We promote open communication and honesty with all of our stakeholders.

    • We establish lasting relationships with our customers by gaining their trust throughout the construction process and exceeding their expectations with our results.


    • We believe that more can be accomplished as a team. Therefore, we encourage our team to combine their skills and expertise at every opportunity.

    • We value our people and invest in them and in the technology they need.

    • We also create an enjoyable and healthy work environment that optimizes their performance.


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